A Person Known to Me Main Title Art

Conklin Jumps

We love adventures.
We love detectives.
We love big stories.
And so...we bring you A PERSON KNOWN TO ME, an epic tale about the operatives of Chicago's legendary Mahoney & Porter Investigative Agency.

Agency founders Mahoney and Porter established their detective bureau after the Civil War to help those unjustly accused, and soon became renowned for sending their operatives on investigations all over the United States.

In 1895--when our story begins--Mahoney and Porter realize they must find a successor to run the agency and carry on their mission after they’re gone. But it won't be easy to find that person. Whoever takes over must burn with the same righteous indignation that has fueled Mahoney and Porter since the beginning, and they’ve yet to meet such an individual.

But then...two unlikely candidates find their way to the agency: a ragged, unfathomable young man from a mysterious frontier background, and a disgraced student expelled from Harvard.

A decade-long saga told in ten parcels, A PERSON KNOWN TO ME combines storytelling forms from illustrated novellas to films, photographs, historical accounts of our real locations, and more.

As our detectives travel the country, the story travels with them, drawing from the history, culture, geography and architecture of each place they visit. And to make sure we get it right, we're making the project with incredible collaborators who are joining it at each stop along the way -- performers, artists, historians and more -- all of them becoming part of a growing creative community of talented individuals brought together by this story, and their contributions to it.

We welcome you to A PERSON KNOWN TO ME!